It sounded more or less like a chime

Time showed us that

Tones and echoes of bliss

However though it’s not so

Chimes of glass that is all

Mirrors and thoughts

From gold


The shapes formed a little arch on each side

Holding a ton of wishes and dreams

Arches and races of locking keys

Fingers and tips from me

Arches shaped gestures of hearts collide

Forming a twirl on our side

Of mine in depth of heart shaped edge

Nothing but tips and a curl of shape

A shape or a form

I don’t know

Flipping Pages

When it happened it just did

A glimpse of hope amid the turmoil

When it started it never stopped

The books we have read of tales and time

Shorten the image making it one of a kind

Not a fairytale or a dream

Just me and him along a stream

Suddenly just happened to be

Flipping pages with a dream